History of fishing in the areaHistory in the strictest sense is not as important as the stories, traditions linked to catching fish or seafood, above all from the perspective of the men and women of the sea and who collect the shellfish and the relevance this has on their economy
Technical DescriptionBonito or tuna belongs to the Scombridae family, Perciformes order. The body is spindle-shaped, quite tall, with two dorsal fins only separated by a small space. The tail fin has 7 to 9 small fins. The pectoral fins are very long
Fishing groundIt lives at a depth of 100 m. in the ocean. When migrating it enters Peninsula waters from the north-west, following two paths, one goes towards the Mediterranean and the other, larger one, lasts for the spring and summer along the whole Cantabrian coast.
Fishing techniquesHook and live bait are the techniques most used by fishers in the area, as opposed to wheels or nets which have the drawback of catching fish of a much lower quality.
PortsBurela, Celeiro.
Good seasonJune, July, Augues, September, October