Description/historyThis gate provides access to the old area of Viveiro and forms part of the old wall that surrounded the town. The construction dates from 1548 and belongs to the Spanish Plateresque style. It was declared a Historic Monument in 1942. Built by Pedro Pedroso, it is made of masonry in a semi-circular form, with mouldings at the keystone and the jambs. The gate is crowned by several battlements and small towers and the sides show the crests of the city and, on the upper part, Carlos V. An image of Our Lady of the Helpless used to be located on the other side of the door but has been replaced by an image of Saint Roque, the patron of the city. Parts of the walls are still preserved, together with three more gates, but they are not as architecturally beautiful as this one. In 1942 it was declared aNational Historic and Artistic Monument.
Coordinates43º 39´44.25´´ N 7º 35´46.57´´W
Preferred viewing location/sFrom the bridge over the bay
Other resources associated with itAlso conserved from the ancient walled area in the upper town are the gates called O Valedo and A Vila (or Holy Christ of Refuge). The last one has a niche with the Holy Christ of Refuge.