Description/historyCathedrals Beach is the tourists’ name for the Beach of the Aguas Santas (Holy Waters). It is about ten kilometres to the west of Ribadeo. The shape of the cliffs is what has given it this name. It has been declared a natural monument by the Regional Environment Department of the Xunta de Galicia government. It has a long sandy beach bordered by a rocky wall of stone and schist which has eroded to form enigmatic shapes: arches that are over thirty metres high, reminiscent of a cathedral; grottos running for tens of metres; passageways of sand between blocks of rock and other curiosities.
Coordinates43° 33′ 14″ N 7° 9′ 26″ W
Preferred viewing location/sFrom the beach
Recommendations for a visitwhere the water level descends and rises more than in the normal tides.