GOOSENECK BARNACLE (Pollicipes cornucopia)

Local namePERCEBE
Technical DescriptionThis is a cirripedia crustacean from the Scalpellidae family that grows on rocks lashed by waves. It feeds by filtration because, given its lack of limbs, it cannot move, and sticks to the rocks for the whole of its adult life.
Fishing groundIt is mainly gathered in Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country, and Portugal, although the Galician coast is thought to be the best place to find the species.
Fishing techniquesIt is collected by hand from rocks in the tidal zone in bays and cliffs and on islands, etc. The people gathering them take considerable risks in their job and are called percebeiros locally.
PortsRibadeo, San Ciprán, O Barqueiro, Cariño and Cedeira.