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DescriptionSmall town separated from Viveiro by its port. There is a small beach next to the little picturesque fisher folk’s houses. Currently this is one of the most important ports on the Cantabrian coast. It has a fishing fleet that operates all over the globe, particularly in the North Atlantic, the Grand Sole fleet, which mainly catches hake using traditional methods. This type of hake “pescada de pincho de Celeiro” bears the “Galicia Calidade” label, indicating a quality product and is the first fisheries product to attain this award.
Coordinates43º 40´50 N 7º 35´50 W
Characteristics of fleetThe Deep Sea fleet – surface lines (fishing in the Indian and Pacific Oceans) 7 units; Grand Sole Community Fleet (EEC waters) 32 units, 23 bottom long lines and 9 deep sea trawlers; Coastal trawler fleet, 7 units; Seiners 3 units, wheel 1 unit; shallow waters – traditional 24 units; and shellfish by boat (8 vessels) and on foot (4 people). Altogether there are 74 fishing vessels registered and based in Celeiro, all of which are members of the Guild.
Types of boatsDeep sea fleet (surface lines), EEC community fleet (Grand Sole waters), coastal trawler fleet, seiner fleet, shallow water-traditional fleet.
Auction daysFrom Monday to Friday (both included). NB: there are also sales in San Cibrao harbour (seafood sales)
Schedules auctionAt 6:00 am (shallow water fish followed by deep water and other fleets); seiner fish (surface fish) is auctioned from 7:00 am on; from 7:30 am to midnight sales time for trawler fleet.
Main auctioned speciesLine caught-hake, harvestfish, Pacific Chub Mackerel, fork beard, cuttlefish, mackerel, sardine, Korean, blue whiting, blackbelly rosefish, conger, octopus, etc. are the main species with regards volume and value that are sold in the market.
BrotherhoodCofradía de Pescadores “Santiago Apóstolo” de Celeiro C/ Praia nº 1 27863 Celeiro - Viveiro (Lugo). Tlf: 982 560 366 fax: 982 562856 web:
MarinaPUERTO DEPORTIVO DE VIVEIRO: 37º 35´5¨W 43º 40´N. dispone de 7 pantalanes, calado en dársena: 2-6 m.; eslora máxima: 12 metros; capacidad de amarres/atraques: 225 unidades. Marina seca: 3.000 m2.
What to do in hours of activityYou can visit the market – with prior permission – and attend the fish auctions or unloading, visit the north and south quays to see how the port and the fleet work.
What to see in daylight without activity A recommended visit is to Rúa Grande Street, the main thoroughfare in Celeiro.