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Description/historyThis is a 16th century shrine. The structure is Gothic with marine influences. Many pilgrims come here, drawn for ethnographic and landscape reasons. The main chapel dates from 1789 and was designed by Miguel López de la Peña. This is an obligatory stop off point when visiting Galicia for, as the saying goes, “to San Andrés de Teixido you will go when you are dead if you do not go when alive”. This pilgrimage for fertility and passing of the soul is pagan in origin, dating back thousands of years. Bread crumbs are used to make “sanandresiños”, figures representing the pilgrimage.
Coordinates43º 42´32.71´´ N 7º 59´02.38´´W
Preferred viewing location/sFrom the chapel.
Other resources associated with itVixía Herbeira
Recommendations for a visitIt is traditional to make the pilgrimage: Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Pentecost