Description/historyThe “castro” or Celtic hill fort at Fazouro is an ancient settlement dating from between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD. It is currently preserved within a museum, the only one of its kind on the Galician-Cantabrian coast. It is to the north of the 700 m² of the site that have been excavated. This area is being reduced by marine erosion, which has already removed some of the excavated constructions. Inside the houses are the remains of the “fogares” or fireplaces which were generally square-shaped and faced the centre of the structure’s useful space. Some of the walls show remains of plaster work on the inner face. En una de las construcciones de planta cuadrada más próxima al mar, en la que si conservaba el lugar de acceso y el enlosado, aparecieron, pegados a la pared exterior, nueve escalones que conducían a un andén de piedra que actuaba como segunda planta. Las estructuras corresponden al último momento de ocupación del castro (finales del siglo III).
Coordinates43º 36´13.72´´ N 7º 17´55.58´´ W
Preferred viewing location/sFrom the archaeological remains
Recommendations for a visitWalk through the archaeological remains, which include information boards.