Description/historyEstaca de Bares is the most northerly point on the Iberian peninsual. It is framed within an impressive landscape where the cliffs separate the inlets of Ortigueira and O Barqueiro. A wonderful spot for bird-watching, it is passed by over 100,000 migrating birds including Peregrine Falcons among their number. The site has been declared of national interest. At the most northern point of the cape is the Estaca de Bares lighthouse – there are no more beyond this latitude on the Peninsula.
Coordinates43° 47′ 23.6″ N 7° 41′ 17.9″ W
Preferred viewing location/sFrom the lighthouse and its surroundings.
Other resources associated with itThere are also abandoned military facilities on the cape.
Recommendations for a visitA place to visit on clear days or when there is only light fog.