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DescriptionAt the end of the bay, between the sand bank of the Arealonga beach that is covered and uncovered by the tide, and Punta da Barra point, crowned by a lighthouse, is Barqueiro harbour. This is a small coastal town with seafarers’ houses on the hill. The small harbour dominates the town and there are views of the O Barqueiro Bay. It is a delightful small seaside town whose name comes from Barge “o barqueiro” that transported people and goods from one side of the bay to the other before the bridge was built. White houses shelter round a small harbour (from the end of the 19th century).
LocationO Barqueiro
City HallMañón
Coordinates43º 44' 12,55'' N 7º 42' 7,16'' W
Characteristics of fleetSmall fishing tackle.
Auction daysDepending of seafood collection days
Schedules auctionThere are no set timetables, as it depends on the buyers
Main auctioned speciesJapanese clam, fine clam, slug, cockle, ridged oyster and flat oyster
BrotherhoodCruz, s/n - PORTO BARQUEIRO - 15337 Mañon (A CORUÑA), Tlf: 981 414 074
What to do in hours of activitySee the boats arriving at the harbour to unload at the fish market.
What to see in daylight without activitySee maintenance work on the boats and the tackle on land.